S05E01: Doctor, Doctor. Give Me The News

The stretcher blasted through the hospital doors, pushed by the nurses.  David laid unconscious on the stretcher,  painted in his own blood. “We need a team in here stat!” the doctor shouted as the group hooked David up to various machines. David’s electrical blood stream was keeping his brain alive but the rest of his... Continue Reading →

S04E10: The Everafter That Was Never Ever

David dropped to his knees. “Oh please, show mercy,” David pleaded. “Stand,” Death growled, “I have no fight with you.” David stood, trembling. “What did you do to him?” David asked, his voice shaking. Death pulled a massive hourglass from the blackness of his form. “The false prophet is scattered among the grains of time,”... Continue Reading →

S04E09: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Everything was white. Everything was quiet.  David put his hand to his chest and realized the wound was gone. Where am I? David looked around at the nothingness and saw two figures in the distance. “Hello?” David called out but heard nothing in return. David went to bolt forward but fell on his face instead.... Continue Reading →

S04E08: Romeo and Juliet Died in The End

David bolted out of the crowd and stood out the far edge, opposite of Harbinger. “Stop this!” David called out. “You can’t stop me, Hollow,” Harbinger growled raising his scythe to point at David, “Kill him.” “Nice try,” David said with a chuckle as electricity surged from his eyes. He put his hands out and... Continue Reading →

S04E07: For Whom The Bell Tolls

“Gather before me,” Harbinger growled to the gathering group. The sky was getting darker the longer he spoke.  Beside him stood a slender girl.  She wore a mask, clad in a green leaf-like dress.  Her fire colored hair flowing in the wind. “Through me,” Harbinger bellowed, “through my power, I may bring you immortality.  Kneel... Continue Reading →

S04E05: I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge

David groaned as he awoke. He had a powerful stretch and then laid his arm on the bed.  He found it empty. “Astrid?” David asked looking around, “She’s probably taking her morning social media.” David laid in bed waiting but Astrid never returned.  He became confused when he realized how quiet the apartment was.  He... Continue Reading →

S04E04: Don’t Tase Me, Bro

David awoke to Astrid returning from the bathroom. “The sky is really dark,” Astrid stated as she looked out the window. “I’m sure it’s just going to rain or something dear,” David said stretching, “Come back to bed.” “No this is really dark,” Astrid explained with concern in her voice, “I’m going to check the... Continue Reading →

S04E03: Power, More or Less

The large temple was tucked into the mountains.  The center room had tall, vast ceilings held up with massive pillars.  Between the pillars hung dishes with fire.  Rows of pews were full of praying robed individuals. A man stood over the temple’s altar at the end of the room.  He was peering into the smoldering... Continue Reading →

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