S05E10: Downpour

The sky turned dark as thunder rolled through the blackened clouds.  The city was quiet as everyone resided in their homes.  Police and Swat officers walked the streets on patrols ever since a martial law was put into place.  The curfews were strict and the punishments were stricter.  Things had become very grim for the... Continue Reading →

S05E09: So Much Red

David was panting heavily with Lieutenant Mendez’s arm draped over him as the two moved forward.  They were struggling to move as Mendez’s blood soaked into David’s suit.  Mendez was getting to the point he could barely walk.  David was in a panic, not sure what to do other than hide out. “We’re almost at... Continue Reading →

S05E08: Ms. Amelia Pond

Ms. Pond flowed like water between Lieutenant Mendez’s fingers and loved every second of it.  Her eyes would meet his whenever he stopped caressing her and she would let out a gentle meow.  It would cause him to grin and he would continue. Though David was not around much since he got his powers, he... Continue Reading →

S05E07: Eighties Buddy Cop Movie

Lieutenant Mendez walked down the sidewalk under the street lights.  A cigarette balanced between his lips, a trail of smoke left behind him.  He was excited to get home.  Tonight was the season finale of his favorite show and he had some leftovers in the fridge that had been on his mind all day.  Even... Continue Reading →

S05E06: Dial 9-1-1

David felt a cold shiver run down his spine. How is this possible? His heart pounding, David stood up, his back pushing against the wall behind him. He could feel the panic settling in. “David,” Legion playfully called out, “Are you just going to hide all day?” “How are you back?” David muttered loudly from... Continue Reading →

S05E05: For We Are Many

David scurried through alleyways.  David made his way into the back entrance of an apartment building.  He worked his way into the stairwell, he could feel himself getting light headed. I need to find somewhere to hide. David leaned against the wall and smeared a blood trail as he worked his way up the steps. ... Continue Reading →

S05E03: Bring On The Night

It had been such a long day.  Between the mountains of paperwork and dealing with the Hollow Taskforce that had been kicked into high gear, Lieutenant Mendez was tired.  He looked over his cluttered desk with a powerful sigh.  He opened the center drawer of his desk and removed the crumpled pack of cigarettes.  Two... Continue Reading →

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